"Lisca" Conceptual Table National Premiere
During the Milan Design week - the Fuorisalone of 2010 - the national premiere of the Lisca Conceptual Table was presented: a collection design object made by One Piece Project Studio of Rome and produced in the limited edition of twenty pieces with materials and finishing made in Italy by the company Cut System Srl of Stefano and Gaetano Montaperto.

IThe Lisca Table, “movable soul”, was produced thanks to the meeting of three designers (Olimpia Orsini, Alessandra Taravacci, Antonella Norcia) and Cut System Srl. Cut System has been working with unconventional materials for years, carrying out innovative solutions. Lisca is a moving furniture object, the expression of evolving and dynamic design changing shape, aspect and meaning in relation to the emotions of the people using the object. One table as a sculpture, whose primary function is being a meaningful shape, an independent shape, full of ancestral memories, unconscious references, endlessly doing and undoing of the natural world. With its elegant and linear

design, Lisca’s structure is highly attractive under the emotional and perceptual point of view. Its wooden Schinopsis Balansae support is very hard, non-putrescent wood obtained from a centuries-old rare essence called "quiebra hacha" (axe failure, literally) originating from dismantling and recycling the seats of the stadium of the Estudiantes de la Plata football team (Argentina). Today, this wood is disappearing and is protected by the Washington Convention.

Lisca is covered with a thin layer of lead, one of the main recycle materials, and is very fascinating as material element, old and new at the same time, rendered nontoxic through unusual working techniques. The expressive potentialities of lead are investigated. Lead is used in a creative way and by means of new industrial technologies, in order to produce an innovative and sustainable solution, with great perceptive and aesthetic attraction power. The lead and antimony alloy is treated with a protective rubber anti-scratch element highlighting its grey colour.

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