I was born near Buenos Aires on 8 April 1962. My parents immigrated to Argentina in the fifties. Back in Italy at the tender age of ten months, I grew up in the Milan environment where I attended Liceo Scientifico "A. Volta" (second level college of science). After starting engineering studies at the Politecnico di Milano in 1981, I came to the decision I had to do something important and in the following year I took part in the competition for Unrestricted Line officers at the Accademia Navale di Livorno, passing it with flying colours.


This experience and the following career lasting almost fifteen years, crowned by the naval command of minehunter Gelso, marked the most meaningful stage of my managerial training.

In 1996 I left active service in the Italian Navy and after a series of different work experiences in the fields of industrial plants, sports centre management and hospital logistics, I established Cut System Srl in 1998, a small company originating from the continuation of my father’s artisan enterprise.

Being aware of the great changes in progress in Italy, today we are experimenting new techniques and new materials by exploiting the characteristics of the existing ones to the highest extent. We collaborate with big manufacturers of flat plates for continuous and ventilate facades: for them, we cut and drill big covering surfaces. We have participated in the creation of the Islamic Hall of the Louvre Museum in Paris, and we can boast supplies for the Armani Theatre in Milan and its Antwerp Atelier.


Our wooden coverings are shown in the main shop of Max Mara in Milan and in several locations in the world. Finally, lots of Penny Black points of sale present our eco-friendly fibre cement floors. Our products not in the catalogue are also appreciated by private customers: they are created on the basis of single expectations.


I think working well and with love is still an important value.

Cut System Srl • Tel/Fax: +39 022405674 • Mail: info@cutsystem.com • Via Adige, 6 • 20099 Sesto S.Giovanni (MI) Italy • P.IVA. 12487150158