Unconventional materials for innovative solutions

Cut System is a company supplying woodwork, fibre cement and plastic materials. It was established in 1998 by will of Gaetano and Stefano Montaperto sharing the idea that a traditional carpenter’s shop could and should evolve to face new challenges such as cutting and shaping materials different from wood. Our expertise and skills make us one of the companies with the proper technical know-how for cutting, shaping and surface treating of cement-based plates.

Apart from selling products such as fibre cement and fine wood floors, we assist contractors in the cutting and drilling of ventilate facades with cement plate covering. We support companies setting up stands, exhibitions and shops by processing “unconventional” materials on behalf of them in several fields and sectors, from the fashion world to furniture materials, from design to architecture of interiors.

Cut System: Italian art and professionalism

Cut System Srl • Tel/Fax: +39 022405674 • Mail: info@cutsystem.com • Via Adige, 6 • 20099 Sesto S.Giovanni (MI) Italy • P.IVA. 12487150158